Helping Adults

There are many benefits of therapy such as a solution to a specific problem, a reduction in feelings of distress, better relationships or a general sense of well-being. People often leave therapy feeling less stressed, more empowered and better able to manage everyday life challenges. Overall, most people want to be happier and therapy is a constructive step toward that goal.

In my work with adults, clients set the pace as we move toward positive change and growth. We focus on the range of factors that contribute to a client’s problems, whether it is past experiences, current relationships or future concerns.

 Gain insight

My approach is based on the belief that how we act and perceive ourselves, and others, is informed by our collective experiences and interactions throughout our life. As such, the therapy process helps people gain insight into longstanding behavior patterns or faulty perceptions that may negatively impact relationships or interfere with adaptive daily functioning.

 Create change

Further, I firmly believe that individuals have the choice and opportunity to create change. My therapy style is supportive and pragmatic. I provide guidance and useful strategies that encourage self-awareness and improve resiliency and confidence; while promoting positive change that leads to happiness.